Host your website in google cloud ( 1 years free trail )

Host a Website for FREE on Google Cloud Storage. you can host static or cms website like WordPress, Joomla

Host your website in google cloud ( 1 years free trail )

we know that time google is no1 internet company in the world, that the reason you move your hosting another provider to google cloud.

because google provides 1-year free trial and $300 credit in google cloud wallet.
It's very easy to host the WordPress website if any type of issue in the host in google cloud mail with us [email protected] 

Check out how to install free ssl in google cloud 

Let's see how host in google cloud:

First, you need to register in google cloud if you have a Gmail id then you can, otherwise, you can make a Gmail id and register.

once register then go to Project Then create a new Project.

once you create a project then go to the marketplace and search WordPress or go to below then you can find WordPress

then open WordPress and launch.

maybe little take time so please wait ..

after open WordPress deployment set  Deployment name, Zone, add email id, Boot disk type, Allow HTTP & HTTPS  Then click deploy.

before deploying please check once email id because you get your WordPress login detail for the email id.

Download Click the download button and download pdf file on how to set WordPress deployment.

again take time to deployment in google cloud.

once complete the process you can get login detail in WordPress website.
also, you get login detail in your email id.

then go to  Network Services  Cloud DNS

Click create Zone and fill Zone name, DNS name and make sure Zone type is public.

after fill, all then click create 

after click create add record set >  Resource Record Type (A)  >  enter (IPv4 Address)

Again click  add a record >  DNS Name >   ( WWW ) Resource Record Type ( C NAME )  > Canonical name  ( YOUR WEBSITE NAME )

Finally, you can set up in google cloud if issue then mail us [email protected] 

Then we connect Domain and this IP address website 
go to your domain providers websites like GoDaddy or big rock then go to DNS Section.

After setup, all Wait for 1 to 2 hours many times take more time like 10 to 12 hours so wait and check in private Browser.

Thanks for reading the article 

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