Free SSL Certificate install for WordPress on Google Cloud

configure free, lifetime SSL certificates for WordPress websites that are hosted on Google Cloud.

Free SSL Certificate install for WordPress on Google Cloud

Setup a free SSL for Google Cloud in your WordPress website its to easy to install within 20 min. just follow few steps.

you can  also check how to set up google cloud

Step 1 - go to google cloud and login, once login Create a New project  

After Create New project go to  marketplace  and install WordPress Certified by Bitnami and Automattic 

after installing WordPress  go to step 2

step 2 - go to Cloudflare and first sign up if already signup  please  login 

after login add your website when you add the website you got 2 DNS

Step 3 - go to the domain DNS section and add the Cloudflare DNS 

after the update go to Cloudflare and check it's updated or not when updating please follow our youtube video and fix.

step 4 -    link google cloud IP in Cloudflare DNS sections.

hope you fix google cloud hosting HTTP to HTTPS. 

any type of issue in the google cloud hosting drop-in comment section we are replay as soon as possible.

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